Portland offer bunker stock transfers into the UK Fuels and Keyfuels networks, allowing you to draw from thousands of locations across the UK.

We offer a range of pricing options, and once an order is placed, stock is transferred to your account immediately.

Pricing options


Spot prices are calculated against the live wholesale market; you can call us at any time throughout the day for an up-to-date price, meaning your price reflects minute-by-minute movements in the wholesale market.


Weekly priced deliveries remain fixed from Monday to Sunday but vary week-to-week. Prices are calculated on a ‘weekly-lagged’ basis i.e. against the average of the previous week’s wholesale price, meaning your price reflects weekly movements in the wholesale market.


Fixed priced stock transfers remain fixed at a single, unchanging price for up to 24 months. As you can be sure what you’re paying in advance, a fixed price allows you to budget accurately, removing your exposure to movements in the fuel market and turning a significant variable cost into a fixed one.